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The best way to outsource PHP development or JavasScript development is through dedicated developers. You’ll get all the benefits of having a full time employee but you don’t have to worry about all the hardware, software, working conditions, benefits, facility and administration paperwork.

Our region

Eastern Europe and our Central Europe region are known for great STEM talents recognized by experts all over the world. Prague and second-largest city Brno are housing large number of prominent IT companies like RedHat, Avast, Honeywell or NetSuit.

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figo talks about JavaScript development outsourcing with Kurzor


Developers we provide are focused on our core skills and technologies. That means mainly front-end and back-end developers. We are also able to provide mobile app development services through local partnerships for competitive price while maintaining quality that local engineers are known for.

When you should consider dedicated developers

  • Hiring and retaining developers takes so much time and money it’s slowing your company growth and you have to decline new clients
  • You need agile development that can’t be completely specified at the start and turned into a project based contract
  • You need to supplement specific skillset within your team that’s difficult to hire
  • You need specialized developers for short term of several months up to mid term of several years

When you should hire in-house developers

  • You need key personnel that will make a foundation for your company
  • Your development process requires physical presence of everyone on the team
  • You need somebody with local cultural knowledge or in the same timezone


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