Facts and figures

We've been working on brand sites such as Cosmopolitan or Marie Claire, enterprise level intranets and MVPs for various startups. Most of our current work comes from Britain or the U.S.

Introducing Kurzor in numbers:

  • 2010 - year we established Kurzor
  • 9 - number of countries we have clients from
  • 50 % - average revenue growth every year
  • 120+ - number of websites created
  • 83.000 - lines of code in our biggest web application
  • 15+ million - monthly traffic for several websites we coded
  • 408 % - the biggest monthly revenue increase for our client after redesign


We will be happy to provide more referrals upon request since our projects are usually subject to an NDA and we can’t publicly promote them. 


Video referrals from our happy clients

Jono Marcus from Loft talks about sourcing PHP talents with Kurzor


Mr. Desmond Spruijt talks about PHP development outsourcing with Kurzor


Read several referrals from our happy clients

Gavin O'Reilly
Gavin O'Reilly
CEO at Barrow6

Having worked with a number of Development companies over the years, I have to say that without a doubt, Kurzor have genuinely exceeded our expectations. Initially when we commenced working with them we were working on a 1 project development piece. Since then we are now working with them as our core Development team and outsourced Technology oversight function. They also PM our team of developers in Asia. I have the highest regard for all of the people at Kurzor we work with and would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them.

Gautam Dhillon

When I was setting up my venture and I needed a website, guys from Kurzor spent several weeks with me discussing the concept and the nature of the venture.  I was very impressed with their research into a complex subject and suggestions for the website and subsequent delivery. That was start of a long relationship with the guys from Brno since we will be using them for a lot more development work. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Kurzor for anyone from Britain and other countries.

Gautam Dhillon
Founder & CEO at The Treasury Outsourcing Company

Kurzor is doing web development and coding of all our websites and IT systems. For a long time we have been searching for a company to which we could outsource our IT development and now we maintain a long-term partnership with Kurzor as they are absolutely best in terms of quality and on-time delivery, for a reasonable price. It's a company you can count on for delivering great results.

Vladimír Šandera
cofounder and optimist at Smartsupp
Vladimír Šandera




Started: continuous development since 2014
Technologies: JavaScript, LESS, Node.js / npm packaging, Flux-based actions

Tellmaps are merging map display, rankings, charts, and narrative in an easy to use interface used by UNESCO, IMF, IEA and others. Tellmaps are an attractive way to introduce data rich topics to varied audiences. Our job was redesigning the frontend into responsive layout and upgrading the whole system to new modern architecture heavily inspired by React and Flux libraries. Tellmaps is a typical example of a project where communication and common understanding is the key to success, since we work within an international team located in various parts of Europe.


Water Safety Tool

Started: 2016
Technologies: React / Redux for front-end, Slim-based API server, MySQL, generating DOCX, linked to Google Drive

Water Safety Tool is an application developed for simple risk management of water consumption in hospitals across the U.S. It's a React/Redux single-page app linked to API controlling the database. Important features include the optimization for tablets and running in an offline mode with data synchronization after re-connection to the Internet. The application generates DOCX files and automatically sends them to Google Drive. 



Started: 2011
Technologies: Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, TDD

Enectiva is a Czech tool for management of energy usage of larger real estate projects. Its purpose is to manually or automatically monitor energy usage of selected devices, generate statistics and give recommendations on possible strategies to reduce consumption. We developed this multilanguage app for company Enerfis using Ruby on Rails 3.x. Our job was to deliver MVP to verify the commercialization of the business idea behind the app. We added optimalizations like NoSQL databaze for caching sequential data during further development.



Started: 2015
Technologies: proprietary CMS 3OS with an admin divided for internal and external users, VPN security, server generated PDF

BalteLevneji.cz is a web portal developed for TART corporation. It has two primary goals: the public part aggregates and publishes information about various possibilities of industrial and commercial packaging, and the VPN secured intranet serves as an organizing tool for individual business cases for company sales represenatives. It makes it possible to filter various business cases and to quickly find the one that helps the sales representative show their expertise to a potential customer.

A small investment in building this app helped TART corporation solve the issue of replacing experienced and knowledgeable representatives with new hires that lacked the epxertise and deep understanding of complex packaging systems.



Started: 2013
Technologies: Zend 1 framework,Angular JS, LESS

Jazykovky.cz is an appliacation featuring a directory of language courses and language school all over the Czech Republic. The portal features a detailed filtering option of courses, lecturers and schools based on city, language, start date, profficiency level, frequency of lectures and many other parameters. The website itself is built on an enahnced Zend framework and uses JavaScript framework Angular JS now widely popular but only starting back when the site was created. At the beginning we used Apiary.io for generating API which was only in beta version then.