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Nothing on the web has been through so many changes in the past few years than the world of JavaScript. From partially obscure and little understood scripting to full-scale development environment with huge amount of choices, that is today’s JavaScript.

Our typical specialization is development based on React with Redux used for business logic. Application design is therefore purely functional.

You should consider hiring a JavaScript developer if:

  • You have an existing back-end or API in place and need an awesome user interface for it. You understand the need to have a responsive, fast and usable web part of your user experience.

  • You need to create custom JS parts or modules that integrate within an existing website or web application. A good JavaScript developer can easily extend your product with new possibilities or functions.

  • You have an existing JavaScript application and you need to redesign or refactor. Typically to achieve better performance, extensibility, look and feel, or security factors associated with it.

React/Redux developers usually have in their stack:

  • ES7 with optional modules and features,

  • Webpack / Babel with JSX support,

  • npm, and more recently yarn for packaging.

Also, many React/Redux developers easily fit into React Native development, as the tools are very similar, only the interface is different.

Functional application design

  • creates readable, easily testable application logic,

  • state of the application is stored easily (seamless / offline experience) and browsed (history / undo),

  • prevents errors, as usual mutability issues of typical OOP design are greatly reduced.

Other frameworks

We are also able to hire a JavaScript developer with specific framework. Most typically AngularJS, should you need to support an Angular 1 or 2 (4, ...) application. Angular is a good choice for regular, very robust applications with a wide range of screens and features, which are simple rather than complex in business logic.

We can also hire a developer to match your framework or preferred solution directly. However, aside from React or Angular, the pool of people to hire from is somewhat shrinking.

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