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Kurzor team

PHP developer

PHP remains dominant server-side language with over 80% market share. Latest development with PHP7 enables to create powerful applications or rewrite old legacy code into modern and stable version.

JavaScript developer

Javascript is the most popular language according to annual Stack Overflow survey. Majority of our clients requests React and Redux combination for efficient, scalable and well-performing web applications.

Wordpress developer

Wordpress is arguably the most used framework for building websites in the world. Whether you run a small site or a big one, experienced wordpress developer can make a huge difference in how the site functions and delivers value.

Web coder

With myriad of devices and increasing demands for look and feel of digital experience, webcoding grows to be one of the most important web development skills nowadays. We provide senior web coding specialists to meet the highest demands.

Mobile developer

Our favorite way of creating mobile apps is through utilization of React Native. This inter-platform solution saves money and makes servicing easier. If you require native development, we have you covered too.

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