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Development with Pimcore

Read Igor Ivlev's observations on how he started with developing sites with Pimcore. In this article he describes the basics about this system and delivers fresh experience from his beginnings.

Igor Ivlev28.1.2019

React Native Swipeable List

React Native doesn’t have a built-in swipeable list component - there are external libraries for it. What if you wanted to build one from scratch? We provide a detailed step-by-step guide on how to implement swipeable list feature in React Native. It is a long read, but very useful one.

Furkan Doğu16.10.2018

Best Scraping Tools in 2018 - updated

Here at Kurzor we have completed numerous projects using various web scraping techniques. We can implement custom solution. A more flexible but less powerful approach is to use a service which does not require you to be the IT guru. So if you need to make a script to grab all products from an e-shop, articles from a blog or collect some images, it is easy to try one of the following tools. 2018 updated.

Nestor Encinas30.7.2018 and Bedrock: WordPress on steroids is a good choice for those developers who like WordPress and want to keep using this CMS, but at the same time want to build the website in a professional and flexible manner. In this article we are going to focus on Bedrock, its advantages and usage.

Nestor Encinas23.5.2018

Offline in the browser (part 2): Service Workers

Wouldn’t it be great to control the application cache directly, via a programmable interface? That's what Service Workers are for.

Honza Malý25.4.2018

Uploading and Resizing Images, Part II - AWS backend

This article is going to deal with image uploads and manipulation from the server point of view. We have picked a solution based on Amazon Web Services. We will create a standard endpoint with images being resized and stored on S3 storage.

Marek Gach21.3.2018

Offline in the browser (part 1): Detection, AppCache

Turn offline mode into an advantage and make your website or app ready for it - here's first part of our overview. In this article, you are going to find out which types of websites and apps are suitable for an offline mode. We are also going to describe the most frequent method these days: Application Cache.

Honza Malý4.1.2018

Kurzor Featured in Clutch Coverage of Leading Web Developers

Kurzor was recently recognized as a leading web developer by Clutch, a ratings and reviews platform for businesses in the IT services and development space. With our strong focus and expertise in PHP, JavaScript, and more, Kurzor is extremely proud that we’ve been identified by Clutch as a leading developer in the Czech Republic.

Petr Gogolín31.7.2017

JavaScript Interview Questions

If you approach us with the intention to sell yourself as a JavaScript developer, here are some questions you might be facing. We are prepared for all seniority levels, ES5 / ES6 / jQuery - related questions.

Honza Malý26.7.2017

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