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Best Scraping Tools in 2017

Here at Kurzor we have completed numerous projects using various web scraping techniques. We can implement custom solution. A more flexible but less powerful approach is to use a service which does not require you to be the IT guru. So if you need to make a script to grab all products from an e-shop, articles from a blog or collect some images, it is easy to try one of the following tools.

Nestor Encinas6.10.2017

JavaScript Interview Questions

If you approach us with the intention to sell yourself as a JavaScript developer, here are some questions you might be facing. We are prepared for all seniority levels, ES5 / ES6 / jQuery - related questions.

Honza Malý26.7.2017

PHP Developer Interview Questions

It is almost certain that during your PHP programmer career, you have interviewed quite a lot. Also we may agree that it is not so simple to prepare for it. We at Kurzor have had plenty of candidates and interviews and collected numerous questions during the last few years.

Marek Gach5.5.2017

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