We build websites and provide web development outsourcing.

Why Kurzor

  • We are specialized.
    Developing web applications, building websites and outsourcing JavaScript, PHP and WordPress developers.
  • We are professionals.
    Over 15 years of experience with IT and a steady growth. Most of our developers have university degrees in IT and great expertise.
  • We communicate often and are easy to understand.
    We are fluent in English. Listening and asking a lot of questions takes priority over jumping to conclusions or offering generic solutions.
  • We are trusted by clients from all over the world.
    We have worked for clients from the US, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic
  • Check out testimonials from our clients!

Typical client

We have three typical clients categorized by their needs:

  • A development agency that serves several key clients on long-term contracts. The usual need is for dedicated developers who complement your in-house team in case it’s too costly or resource consuming to hire and retain talents in your area.
  • A digital marketing agency that serves various clients and brands. The usual need is to supplement you with front-end and/or back-end developers on a project-based contract, or with dedicated developers for larger marketing agencies.
  • A product based company that develops its own software. The usual need is to supplement you with various expertise that’s not available in your area on a short-term basis as a project-based contract or on a long-term basis with a dedicated developer from web development outsourcing company.
  • Every service we provide is also available as a white label. Read more about outsourcing PHP developers with Kurzor.

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